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Who We Are

Derived from a team of modern architects who work around the clock to constantly improve how their potential customers view a new project, we decided it was time to create a piece of art to accentuate the environment we were promoting.

What we had come up with is this stunning Luminluxx lamp that offers an array of shades to choose from depending on what type of scene or mood you're looking to portray.

Smooth, sexy, sleek and clean are the main ingredients that make up the composition of our new lamp.

What We Do

Here at Luminluxx our priority is straight forward, giving you the customer the best shopping experience along side providing you with a high quality sexy mood light.

Dont believe us? Check out our reviews at the bottom of the page. Click this link

How We Do It

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint immensely buy ordering inventory only when needed. This reduces the need to manufacture, pack and ship a huge quantity of goods that might take a while to move which might result in a return later down the line.

Please keep this in mind when ordering as the process time will be longer due to our goal for saving our lovely little green planet :)

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